About Me

Greetings. I’m sure you’re keen to know a little more about the man behind the writings. Well, you’re in the right place so read on.

My name is Zhu An, I’m a photographer and graphic designer from Ohio, USA. I am a sociable person, with my head sometimes a little too high in the clouds. Which is strange when you consider there are few places to do that in this state. Still, I am the kind with lofty goals, so it makes sense in a way.

The site is named after an old nickname of mine. To be honest, at this point I’m not even sure why it became a thing, but when I was younger all my friends would call me Zeff, and the name stuck to the point where my closest still do. If you want to think of me as such too, then you can do so. It’s kind of neat in a way.

In terms of me (which is a weird sentence to write, isn’t it?), my mom’s side of the family are from Hong Kong, whilst my dad’s is native to Ohio. I’ve travelled a lot as a kid and an adult (up until late 2019, that is, when the Coronavirus began to show across China), which has made me a curious sort who adapts to situations quickly. I hope to travel with my camera again in the future, though!

Anyway, I’m not the best at talking about myself. It feels a little awkward. Hopefully though this is enough for you to get a feel of who I am and some of my background. Any other questions, feel free to poke me on the contact page.

See ya!