July 2022

Ways To Photograph Cars

Cars are a big part of our day – we spend a lot of time with them in our daily lives, and some of us admire them for how they look. Because of this, it can be hard to find a unique angle to photograph them – many people end up shooting from the same angles or using the same pictures as backgrounds. This can lead to an overwhelming sense of sameness when it comes to taking pictures and can make it hard to see them in all their glory.

Here Are Ways to Photograph Cars:

  • Capture driving shots. 

It is always a clever idea to have a few different ways to capture photos of a car. One of the most common scenes is a driver doing something impulsive for a shot, whether it is taking the wheel and spinning the car or racing on a track for a good action shot. If you are taking the shot, you will have to be quick to react, and if you are not, your shot may end up a blurry mess. This can be avoided by using a very shallow depth of field.

  • Look closely at the color of the car. 

The color of a car is often considered the most critical aspect when it comes to making the best photographs of it. The car’s color is a major component of the overall image. The form and styling of a car can also play a key role in creating a successful photograph, however, the color you see really makes the photograph, and a car’s color can make or break the result. You need to know how best to shoot certain colors to make them stand out in photographs as well as digitally.

  • Select the best background.

It is important to select a scene and shoot in the proper lighting conditions to get a professional result. There are many distinct types of photography to take photos of cars, and there is no better way to show versatility than selecting a background that goes along with the car and the environment. You can go for a general photograph or try to photograph the car from up close. You can also go completely against the grain and take photos of cars in the middle of a city and cars parked on the street. Just make sure the background works with your vision, as well as the features of the car.

  • Film at the right time of day. 

When you are in the mood for shooting fast cars, it is best to shoot when the sun is going down, or preferably during a storm. The shade helps give more depth to the shadow areas and helps the feel of a light drizzle translate perfectly in your image. However, it may be best to shoot during the day if you want to photograph old cars that will need more lighting. The rising and setting sun is a fantastic source of light and brings out the detail in the car’s paint and metal.

  • Look out for reflections. 

Take some time to be on the lookout for reflections, shadows, and other obvious photo opportunities. There are several factors to consider when photographing a car. One of the most important is the type of vehicle itself, as each one is created differently, which means obtaining a unique reflection of that particular car is often difficult. One of the ways you can obtain unique reflections is by using a wide-angled lens and/or a long exposure. You can find intricate details in reflections that can work with the overall look of the car.

The things we see in our daily lives are part of a beautiful, ever-changing landscape that is constantly changing and evolving. We can observe and record these changes through our own eyes or take photographs and preserve the changes for others to observe and view. So, something as simple as taking pictures of a car, can become artistically pleasing to the eye and draw people in at the same time.

Looking to Start an Arts and Crafts Business?

Arts and Crafts business mostly involve making and selling craft item supplies or finished handmade products. Those items can be sold in a store, at a stall in a fair, and even online. However, the Arts and Crafts business does entail some risk since profit returns can be lower, demand is always changing, and the market for crafts is as large as other businesses out there.

With that said, there are plenty of different arts and crafts businesses that you could invest in, or start and gradually expand. Let’s look at a few of them.

Jewelry Designer

Designing jewelry is a popular craft business that many want to invest in. However, it can be very difficult for you to make a large profit in the first year. Production and sales must grow consistently and significantly over a long period in order for you to succeed in this area.

Clothing Designer

Many retail websites like Redbubble allow you to create shirt and legging designs that they will make to sell to interested customers. Investing in such businesses can bring you a steady income if you have a keen eye for design. However, this business model can be risky since you don’t get much control over the sale of the clothes. If the website wants to increase its service charge, then there’s not much you can do about it.


Sculptures aren’t just for museums and public spaces. Artists are creating all kinds of sculptures that ordinary people buy for home and garden décor. This is a business model that can rely on both sales and commissions to turn a profit.

Candle Maker

Homemade candles – both scented and unscented – is a popular investment as it is a low-cost industry with plenty of room for gimmicks and innovation. If you are interested in working with candle making companies, you need to consider the type of consumer you want to market to very carefully.

Soap Maker

Similar to candle making, soap making is easy to start and easy to come up with new ideas for. Soap making is a common craft that doesn’t require any special supplies or equipment. However, it requires a keen nose to come up with scents that entice consumers.


Embroidery is an ancient craft that has existed for thousands of years. People from many different ages and cultures have used embroidery to decorate clothes and other objects with their handiwork. This craft is quite time consuming, unless you use special embroidery machines which use digital blueprints to sew complicated designs.

Knitted Goods

Everyone loves a beautiful handknitted scarf, however, it’s another time-consuming craft that requires passion. It also requires special tools and mathematical knowledge if you want to make complicated designs in multiple colors. 

Selling Craft Supplies

Nobody said you had to make any of the goods suggested above. If you know where to source the various materials, tools, and craft templates then you could potentially start a business selling to hobbyists.

Investing in arts and crafts is a good idea, it takes just an appropriate amount of capital and effort to set up. Just choose the one most suited to your needs and wants and you will surely succeed.